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Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide

Window Blinds 

Measuring for your blinds is a simple task but it is important measurements are taken accurately. For this you will need a steel tape measure.  

The first point to consider is do you want the blind to fit inside the window recess or to fit on the oustide(the face)? For your blind to fit into the recess, you will need to ensure that windows open outwards and that the blind will be not be obstructed by window handles.

How to Measure for Window Blinds

Inside Recess

To fit your blind within the recess, measure the full width (wall to wall) top middle and bottom of the opening, and full height (top to cill) both ends and middle. When ordering give us your measurements as "Recess" sizes and we will make the allowances for the blind to fit within the window opening. Click the "How to measure link" for simple instructions.    

Outside Recess

To fit your blind on the the outside of the window opening, measure the area oustide the window you would like your blind to cover. We would suggest it is best to leave at least 3 inches(76mm) overlap for a Roller or Venetian blind and 4inches(103mm) for a Vertical Blind, at the top and both sides of the window.

Please note when measuring for a roller blind the fabric width will be about 1.25 inches(35mm) narrower than the overall width from bracket to bracket. Make sure you allow enough overlap to ensure the fabric will cover the recess opening.  Click the "How to measure link" for simple instructions.


Measure the overall width of the window, patio door or floor area to be covered by the awning that  will give you good shade for your interior and exterior area.Then order the nearest size to suit your requirements.

Ensure the position the awning brackets are to be fit,is strong and robust enough to take the weight of the Awning and that there are no drain or fall pipes along the line where the awning is to be mounted.


Fitting Guide

Please select one of the links below for our easy to follow instructions for your chosen type of blind.

Fitting instructions for your venetian blind

Fitting instructions for your vertical blind

Fitting your side control roller blind

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